It’s one of those rainy days…

I am learning to persevere in business; while I’m doing all this work in patience, I’m also learning to love the weather and fill my time. I love the rain. I love waking up late (except on gym days) and I love the sound of the rain on my neighbor’s roof. The roof is right outside my bedroom window and in fine, San Francisco tradition, it butts right up to the side of my house. The window is above my head while I’m in bed. Right now. I say right now because we’re still in the midst of the bedroom renovation. We’re sleeping in the living room. It’s an odd thing that we’ve been doing for nine months now. Needless to say, dinner parties are a no-go until it’s done. So, I lay in bed sometimes and listen to the rain on the neighbor’s roof. It’s soothing and lovely. Since we live across from a school, it’s also nice to hear the rain rather than the children’s recess screaming. What can I say? I’m not maternal.

I find something to do each day. Right now, I’m finishing up some aromatherapy aspects of the business and working on finishing my degree. I’ve decided to convert the degree I signed up for into a bachelor of science degree (dropping the PhD) and get it done. Five classes and it will be completed. That is a good thing. I believe I’ve finished the NCBTMB recertification now so I’ve just got to get that done, too. Then, I’ll be set. For what? Who knows. But I’ll be ready for it.

I’m writing a lot more. I’ve decided to put another Sarah story up there soon and finish something else I’m working on. I’ve got a screenplay that consumes some time and a few other things in the works. The need to finish is getting on me… hard. I think that I’m also going to be doing more writing in the Lodge as well. The new one starts in SF this next weekend. It’s a new chapter and a new baby. I love the magic of Lodge. I love the fact that I can transcend time and space when I’m there, in it. It’s cool.

For now, I’m writing. It keeps me occupied. Look to the website for some more publications, coming soon. Maybe another Sarah story… if you little boys and girls are good. Are you good?

‘Til next time,

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