Oh no… never read….erotica while your lover is gone…and other things not to forget

There are certain things that I have learned over the years…things I should not do. One is read erotica when your passionate pal is out of town. Ouch. Another is never argue with a cat. Singing in the shower for me? Oooooh no. And never, ever say never.

So why do I say this now? I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, one of which is my memory. I need to remember what one ought not to forget. Not that I’m too worried – I mean, there’s video games and quantum physics to keep me occupied. You, know, though, that as I get older I think about the things that affect health more than we’d like. Diseases that eat at our bones, our memories, our muscles… all not so good. Not that I think about it all that much but I do think about it. Don’t you? Of course you do… if you’re anywhere over the age of 40, you know you do.

So that brings me to the prime of life. Maybe I’m thinking about all of this because I am in the process of working out daily and getting life insurance… I want to last for a long while – healthy, happy, and oh yes, in full retention of my faculties. All of them. Yes, ALL of them.

By the way, I just finished this book… House of Dark Desires…. and HE won’t be back until Thursday. *Sigh* See what I mean about forgetting??!?!


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