I’ve been pondering taking up the pen again, for something other than philosophical pursuits. It means I want a permanent place to land my work, a place to share. Hence, a new cornerstone is laid. I can’t guarantee that everything you read here will be pleasant, or happy, uplifting, or even clean. Yes, some might not be suitable for those wee tots under 18. I can’t make an apology. I write about the human experience and I don’t want to sugar coat it, hide it, or leave it in the dark. We need to spread light on those things that most frighten us, in order to have them exhibit their true nature – not so frightening, not so scary – just an experience. I believe in being fair – not only to people but to concepts, to ideas, and to the dark.

You don’t have to accept everything here. Maybe I don’t accept everything here. But please keep an open mind, a kind heart, and be willing to travel something a little different.


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