French music and Perseverance

Persevering… to persist in a state, enterprise, or undertaking in spite of counterinfluences, opposition, or discouragement. Persist… 1 : to go on resolutely or stubbornly in spite of opposition, importunity, or warning2 obsolete : to remain unchanged or fixed in a specified character, condition, or position3 : to be insistent in the repetition or pressing of an utterance (as a question or an opinion)4 : to continue to exist especially past a usual, expected, or normal time.

Gotta love Webster. I think that I don’t have much to persevere for, yet. I’m not working hard enough, part of me says. Part of me is enjoying the freedom of figuring out who and what I am. Part of me needs an income and people to work with/for. I’m sitting in Starbuck’s and balancing the books. The tax forms are done and I’ve got to get stuff printed out for our taxes. The calls have been made to some companies but not all. Some people want to wait until May, others until June. I’m still chasing a couple of others. I have to move out of SSF and down south to drum up more business. That’s just it – I need to do more pounding – more drumming.

Someone wise told me that this is the year of good things for people. I believe I agree. It ‘feels’ that way. I wanted some wise, writer support in my persevering. I found Emerson.

“Finish each day / And be done with it / You have done what you could / Some blunders and / Absurdities have crept in / Forget them as soon as you can / Tomorrow is a new day / You shall begin it serenely / And with too high a spirit / To be encumbered by / Your old nonsense.”

Seems apropos. I love finding out who I am right now. It’s an interesting process. I love French cafe music. Never in a million years did I think I would. I love the seasons and am learning to love Summer. I can find something good in the heat, I think. I like Masonry but I like the balance of my life, too. We’ve been doing too much lately and I need to stay home for a while. Well, not home – I’ve been in the house FAR too much lately. I miss people. I miss friends. I go out and have lunch with people because I’m lonely. Lonely. Me. Go figure. I think it’s time to solve that problem, too.

Perseverance. It’s a word I want to embrace this year but in the best of ways – I don’t want all the trials and tribulations – I just want to keep going, to continue, to PERSIST in being who I am. Human being, not human doing. BEING whatever it is that I am. I’m learning. I guess that’s the best place to be, eh?


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