What? It’s a NEW year?

What the hell? Where did it go? We didn’t even put up a Mithras Tree, all the Father Mithras figures were boxed up and the Yule log? Hell, I’m lucky I remembered to keep the candle burning all night on Midwinter. Zoom Zoom.

The year’s starting off in the right way, though. The business is in the thick of “sales” time – I’m learning how to be Joe Previously-Owned-Car saleswoman for spa services. It’s a fascinating turn of events – I used to be in the Joe-Vitamins-on-Commission sales floor for GMC – it’s not so much different except one hopes that companies actually WANT my spa services. We’ll have to wait and see.

The word of the year – Perseverance. I have to not give up and put my head in stupid places when things aren’t perfect. I am SO fixated. I guess it’s good. It’s growth and change. Change. There’s a lot of that in the air, too. Changing hands for Lodges, losing and gaining, writing, selling, putting the business out there, web sites, figuring out what I want to do, more writing (did you like the Sarah story? Want more?), gaming (Oh, god, Sacred Underworld is the newest addiction….) Business Business Business…. it’s what I think about when I’m not thinking about other things.

Perseverance and motivation. Motivation has always been another ball and chain. I have to figure out what’s important (duh) and make IT my motivation. Go figure. I think that we all lose our way sometimes. It’s good to get it back on track – and I suppose that’s why we have to have a new year. 2007. One year closer to losing our Burning Bush. Thank all the gods and goddesses in the expanding universe. One year closer to another decade close. One year farther away from the millennium. One year farther away from birth. One hopes one year closer to wisdom. Whatever the hell that is. I’m just hoping that I can keep track of this year so I can make sure to know where I am in time… and in my life.

Back to business. Literally.


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