Blue Note Baby

I feel like I’m at a lower pitch than the rest of the notes in this scale, here. This world. It’s been a tough several weeks. I’ve found out more than I’d like to about my office, and found out less about my own business.

The magic bus is in production. It arrives to carry me away at the end of April. Not a moment too soon. I find corporate life quite difficult to have only one foot in – the other foot firmly planted in my own reality.

The business is going well, if slow. I feel like I’m waiting for many a thing to happen. Luckily, it is. I also find that I love the fact that *I* get to drive it. Very cool indeed. However, the blue note is still there, subtle and lingering, just below the surface of the true sound. It’s like the moment before birth (not that I would know…) where you take a deep breath and wait…

Dams bursting away! In this case, we hope it’s the sheer sound of massages being had and nerves being soothed. Does that have a sound? Maybe it’s just the sound of ah…

Doyle’s traveling, again. Always. He’s back now, for a few days. Then it’s off again to Colorado/Taiwan/Helsinki/Texas/North Carolina… I’m not quite sure. I check in every so often to see what he looks like.

By the way, does anyone have a hammer fetish? Care to use it the first weekend of May? We need to build a kitchen… and rebuild laundry rooms… if…it…ever…stops… RAINING!!!

Where’s a damn dove when you need it? All I ever see are ravens…

From Ark City, San Francisco

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