Cat in the Hat is out of the Box

It’s out now – I’m opening a spa. FINALLY I can talk about it! I’ve been waiting months to talk about it here. I am SO excited! The name is Bilancia Spas and I’m catering to the wonderful professionals of South San Francisco… to start. I’ll post more here as time goes on.

I think what I would like to do is use this spot to be able to ramble with my writing and my life. I miss doing that. Can you stand reading more about me? Can you? Well, it’s cathartic if nothing else. Probably entertaining for others of you. I wonder who really reads this and what contribution this is making to the virtual words of cyberspace?

Speaking of which, I am amazed to find that some of my PCSense writing is still out there. I wrote a column for several months called “A Tangled Web” about hackers and web culture. It was fun. The mag folded but it was a good glimpse into writing for the geeks-like-me. Google “Kristine Hawes” and you’ll find my stuff. More later! – TDD

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