Quiet Saturday

Morning these days comes with aches, pains, and waking to headaches. Not the figurative kind. No, these are literal. The days are filled attempting to return to homeostasis so I can breathe and do things without really thinking about the pain. Sometimes making my mind work over other details in life helps it go away.

This morning is no different, save there is quiet music now playing and I made frittatas for breakfast. Banana smoothies and coffee, graced with the decadence of eating with my husband. We both mused over the rising sun, rising heat, and the plans of the day. There are times when I want nothing more than to keep this moment alive; it distracts from the literal and figurative pains of the work week. Sometimes, sleeping longer seems the only option in my medicine cabinet.

The soft, warming breeze dances the linen window curtains with a delicate hand. It’s as if they are being shaken out in slow motion. We have a view of the city that is vast. At night the lights twinkle in the distance – a haunting reminder of other people looking out their windows and reflecting. In the morning, the fog begins to recede as the first tendrils of light caress the horizon. It reminds me why I continue to get up in the morning and be thankful for the fact that I am able to do so.

An autumnal morning, Saturday, coffee and cats and love. The sun shines brightly in my part of the world.


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