Have you ever thought about…

I get the 4th of July. I love fireworks like every other person, and I love to set them off, especially in Kansas where my husband’s family lives. They have some really cool ones there, and acres of farmland in which to light them off.  The Fourth is a great time of year for picnics, fireworks, families, and celebration.

Yes, here’s my but…

I live in San Francisco. And right now, right this moment, I’m in a war zone. I have two dogs and two cats cowering at my feet, terrified every time the floors and walls shake. Some people are tossing M80s under cars as they pull away from stop signs. Bottle rockets are flying up into the air, landing on rooftops around me. Firecrackers are being tossed over fences and into the school playground across the street from where I live. Some people have found it funny to try to blow up some stone fountains and other household decorations.

Not only do I find it tedious, I worry for my animals.

Never mind the sonic booms that hurt their ears and startle them into shaking, what about the bright lights and shaking walls that terrify them the rest of the night. One of the dogs is prone to epileptic seizures when he hears loud noises. I sigh and just hope that the night wears on a little quieter.

I don’t think people really think about other people, or animals, or the fabric of the society in which they live. I think people care very little for others, especially when it might infringe on “their” fun. People care very little for other people’s property or lives or sanity, or even their sleep. I say people but I am talking about the general populace. The plebeians that live in all neighborhoods everywhere.

Some would tell me not to live in the city if I didn’t like it. They’re probably right. Why should I expect common decency and manners to rule in the inner city? Why should I expect neighbors to care for each other or people to look out for each other? Why should I even hope that people would respect others property and lives? It’s the city. Things like common courtesy never happen in the city, so suck it up and don’t expect it. I guess the fabric of society in a city is really a durable polyester, prone to stains and some hideous patterns.

I gotta find me some silk. Quick.

For those who haven’t guessed, this is a rant, directed towards the very people who are most likely never going to read it. If indeed they even could.

Happy 4th, y’all.


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