One “Truth”

One truth equals one lie
One law equals on chaos
Matter does not disappear
Matter does not suddenly exist
All that is was
All that was continues to be
Intention is the vehicle of understanding
Yet all is flawed
As we are, As we are
There is no perfection in anything for everything simply is
We do and say and create and strive
To somehow understand
To see the beach for all the sand
To be as much as all we can
To be the heart, to be the hand
Our motives are locomotives
On a runaway track called fate
Or destiny or just bad luck
To those mired swimming hate
Take it or leave it because it simply is
Something that never changes dies
To someone dead and closed it’s justly lies
That’s far too sad for me
But just as we are, all is flawed
There’s no benefit in a vengeful god
A startling display
No perfection though the Day
Simple primates attempting to be
Beyond everything they ever dreamed
For those of us who have the Knowledge
There is only a simple option
Choose the apple, choose the tree
Choose the one you’re meant to be


2 thoughts on “One “Truth”

  1. Dicky Lee says:

    are you aware that your site has a “contact” link, but it does nothing? I am not sure how I came across your website, it does not really matter, I find your writings intriguing, but would like to converse with you about where you find the inspiration, for lack of a better term. In anycase, just got done reading the “schism” one, and was wondering if these are fictional, or are they based on your life happenings, or perhaps how you have percieved someone close to you in there time of distress. Or you can just ignore me, the choice ultimately is yours, I’m used to the being ignored part anyway 😀

  2. TheDarkDuchess says:

    My website contact page isn’t complete, thus, no link. You can access me off the profile in blogger – under the profile click email. My email is

    The writings are both fictional and based, from a kernel of truth or a dream or a thought. The writings that are on my writing page and what’s posted here, in the blogger are more personal experience than most. Some of my standard erotica and fiction is very “made up” if you will. I can take some emotions and sensations and incorporate them but the overall situation is fictional.

    I hope that answers you’re question. I’ve written far more than what’s posted there but I’m putting some of it up all the time – so keep checking back.


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