Age has some benefits

Really it does. From the moment that life ignites, there is a divine spark that begins to burn on itself, like the sun, with a finite amount of fuel. Perhaps God has a lifespan. If so, is it the universe itself? Is the single moment of word God? How did we get here, from where we were, to this point of select religion and pictures of God.

In recent discussions with friends, I’ve pondered this insatiable need for the “Truth.” There is one truth and someone must have put it here for a reason, damnit!, and someone has to know what it is. Why? Why does someone have to know? Why do we think we’re somehow close to knowing what “IT” is? We’re mere specks on the butt of the Milky Way. Tiny moments in time. We are just the culmination of the moment. Yet, when we pull it all together, we get a truth. Not THE Truth, as one would have it, but a truth.

I’ve always hated the word truth – it implies an opposite lie. There is falsehood if there is truth. How about law? Does that mean there is a universal chaos? Of course! And there is! I get that. If there is Chaos, there is Law. There is not one side without the mirror. There is space, and no space. There is time and no time. There is me and no me. There One Law? Is there one Chaos? I don’t know. I’m not arrogant to even assume to know. Someone may have placed trinkets of knowlege in my path, sparkling in the moonlight and waiting for me to pick them up. I do pick them up. Yet, I store them like I store all others that I’ve found – into this great bag of mind that I carry with me. And, when the time is right, I believe they will meld into the Law that I seek to find. The Chaos I hope to know. I want them both. Without both, how can I ever be whole?


2 thoughts on “Age has some benefits

  1. D. Lee says:

    Do you mean to say that you will find the truth in time, or that you will never find it, because it does not exist, except for what you percieve it to be?

  2. TheDarkDuchess says:

    I think you find the answers in time but not in the form that we are today. I think that it’s a continuous energy that we are part of – the flow. I think once we hook back up to the greater part, we get the “answers” we so desperately seek in this form. It’s almost sad that we have to seek them because they aren’t real anyway – they are translated and filtered through our own opinion. I believe universal law exists but I don’t believe we, as humans, can even comprehend, at this time, what it might be. To be arrogant enough to know “God?” I don’t think so.


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