Naked Angelina

Now that I have your attention….

I’ve always wanted to do that. Get you here just to make your eyes burn. Fake out. Psyche!

Fun and games are over and no, I don’t have pictures of Angelina naked. Sorry guys. And girls. I can show you a picture of a lazy, white Devon Rex cat that looks naked. He has floppy toes and a belly. We tell him he has bitch tits but he doesn’t do anything about them. Instead, he just hangs out near the hot thing (aka the heater) and fries his near-naked white belly. His name is Al.

From foxes to cats. Now to the cold San Francisco pre-Summer. If you ever plan a trip here, in May or June, bring a coat. Don’t be a tourist, standing on the corner shivering in your mini skirt because you thought – “It’s California – of course it’s warm!!”

More random neuron firings… Falwell’s dead but then, so are our civil liberties. I guess both sides can call it a draw. Not so for our poor troups. They have to hang in there while Congress decides how best to play the political bullshit. Good intentions but way too much attitude to pull it off, Nancy. I’m still there behind you, though. George, the fun and games are over. It’s time to pick up your toys and come inside now and clean up for dinner. You can yell and scream at me all you want, you bucklers on the bible belt, but it doesn’t change that I think war is wrong, especially this one. It doesn’t change that I was opposed in the beginning and still am. And it sure as hell doesn’t change that most of the people in the US are tired of playing the stick it to them game.

Do I believe that we would be attacked? Eventually. Do I think that people lost their lives for no reason during 9-11? Absolutely. I could have even justified Afganistan. What I can’t justify is Iraq. We never even finished in Afganistan and like errant children, we ran off to pick on the next bully. We are not even looking back in Afganistan and you know what? The bully is going to get up again. Is that anyone’s fault but George II’s? No. I won’t take responsiblity for it. I clean up my messes and I tidy my room and make sure it’s clean before I go and point the finger at the slob down the hall.

I think it’s time to send George to bed without any dinner. Don’t you?

And on a side note, put a rose on Jerry’s grave for me, but no pennies for his eyes. On second thought, pennies would be great. I wouldn’t want him to wait too long at the river Styx – the farther away from reality, the better.

Have a lovely evening! Good night, Gracie.


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