A little thing I like to call… the download

So, I have decided to publish some serialized erotica off this blog site. I have some writings that I’ve posted off my website but none are blatantly erotica.

Let me tell you about Sarah.

Sarah is a character that introduced herself to me about ten years ago. She is an independently wealthy voyeur who seems to have a knack for finding those hot little situations that everyone wishes they could watch. She has her own porn-radar, for lack of a better term. Sarah is a paralegal because she can be, not because she wishes to be. Sarah is all that I ever dreamed of being, subconsciously I think.

She came onto the page, pun intended, as a way for me to practice writing erotica. Her stories are short and sequential and not always well written. I have wanted to publish these as graphic novels for some time. They had a limited audience, until now.

I actually even created a soundtrack to the first several stories. I might post that soundtrack list after they are put up here. I’m curious to see who reads. I will post them and the put them on the download site later… for those that like to read their erotica…eh, slowly.

Tomorrow I’ll publish the first one. We’ll see how often they get up on the site after that. If there’s interest, I’ll keep on putting them up. After all, it’s practice makes perfect, right?!



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