Something Wicked…

A dark fall rides the horizon, cusp of the day at hand
Cold sleepy steel arrives in sheets
A devilish sound, Tom Waits inbound
And somewhere, a moment and whisper in blue
Time tides the sound on the crest of a wave
And all that I want is the unworked clay of today
Hot ashes, hot sheets, swimming in sweat
Something forgiving, something conjured
The needing is fresh flesh in the key of D
Twisting in skin, the sound of the net
Caught glimpses of something to be
A taste and a tear, of something so sweet
Teeth and comfort and fingers in you
The clock ticks the moments
In velvety waves stretched
beyond their normal design
Finger tapping, rain rapping
Something sapping the strength from my mind
The nova burst on hydrogen cue
Is it time? Is it here? Has the moment arrived?
A thought passing into divide
A chain and a cross
Sweeping down a firm arm
Coursing into a river run wide
Something slick, a new trick
As if it was something new learned
Your eyes betray something
It’s nothing, your body can’t possibly hide
The Dark Carnival
Has surprise something inside
By my pricking thumbs
Oh, here he… here he… God… here he…

–TDD (February 2009)

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