What would make YOUR life easier?

Okay, captive audience… I’m looking for some feedback. I’m in the midst of thinking of the goals for next year and I need some help. Here it is…

I have a web design business and I’m looking to build tools – ones that people can use over and over again, to do a specific task. These would be tools you could use to do something and wouldn’t mind paying a fee to obtain. The value of this would also be the “experts” that go along with the tool… think, an online concierge service or personal shopper. Those are all just thoughts but I want to pick your brains…

Keeping the question in a very general sense, I’d like to know the answer in a general sense… what would make your life easier? What things can you think of that would make your day to day more tolerable. It can be ANYTHING. It can be a backrub, a million dollars, a way to take the kids to school that doesn’t involve you driving them. It could be dinner made for you, someone to give you a hug, or a car wash. I don’t really care. Think about the answer to this question and it might help: what is your biggest challenge?

Yes, I’m really looking for honesty and any answer you can think of. Dig deep! I want to hear from you. Click Here to take survey.

And THANK YOU for your help!

One thought on “What would make YOUR life easier?

  1. Michael says:

    I’d like someone to stash away all the gear I’ve gotten out for unfinished projects, and clear my work space for me. Just sort it out, put it into boxes and bags, labeled, please, and pile them in the shop.

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