Alternative Fuels…Alternative Mindset

I’ve been interested in finding out more about how to change our dependence on oil. I am not targeting foreign oil per se – just ALL oil. I am tried of making people like the cretin in the white house right off simply driving around. I think it is ruining our global “house” and we need to clean it up. It does go beyond fuels – it’s about changing culture and society to support the change that needs to happen.

Now. So, I’ve been looking around. I got SO excited when I saw Honda’s ad for a fuel cell car, I almost peed my pants. Finally – someone doing something that totally relieves us. There are others. – Purdue researchers are creating “on demand” hydrogen using aluminum and gallium. The company being created to commercialize this is AlGalCo LLC. Some other articles regarding the company and process can be found here: More about AlGalCo is here (and recent, too!)

Honda seems to be the leader right now in developing much cleaner alternatives to gas. They are not content to sit on their hybrid laurels and make more of the same. If you’ve seen the ad for the Honda Fuel Cell car, you know what I’m talking about. They’ve also worked up ideas for solar panel refueling stations and other not-just-car alternatives. has some good information about it. A good place to learn about fuel cells and what’s going on in its world is at – a non-profit dedicated to educating people about fuel cells and their use.

Starting at the bottom level, is striving to create a better world by targeting the companies that produce cars, oil, etc. I met one of their members last night and it was extremely interesting. Their site,, explains their target goals and their consortium – Global Exchange, Rainforest Network, and The Ruckus Society. One can get involved at so many levels!

I think that’s really the key – to bring awareness out people do need to be involved at some level. If we’re tired of $4.00 a gallon gas…

(…and you know it’s only going to get worse, right? We will never, ever see $2.00 again. Ever.Parisians pay $9.40 per gallon of gas. Put that in your SmartCar and smoke it!)

…and you want to make a difference, it starts with becoming aware of what we want to change and then doing something about it. It’s more than recycling and more than saving water. It’s about changing a mentality. It’s about picking up trash outside our homes so street sweepers don’t have to come through. Be conscious. Even if you are in a place that doesn’t take steps to make the environment better, you can – by small things and a change of attitude.

–TDD (being green!)

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