Poets write Requiems, too

April 26th, 2008

Soulful eyes in the moonlit face of love
I capture your eyes in my memory; I can still smell you in the house
Your fur still clings to the corners of the bedroom
Tail curled protectively, as if my arms were not enough
Your big-belly sighs over the catnip sock, just a little snort
You loved everyone who entered here
They loved you in return,
Mr. Man
And you sent them away with a feeling of joy
You sitting on the toilet cover, stretching toward the tub
Just one more drop of water on your tongue and on your face
My shower cat, my Jeeves, my Q-Tip, my Alien
Want treats?
How could something so small claim such large territory,
In my heart’s interior? In a queen-sized bed?
Your life was just a blink in my eye, and yet and yet and yet…
Now it’s just the memories that follow
Sweeping down, tear-like
You taught me that a cat can sleep anywhere there is a sunbeam
Or A Warm Thing
And love anyone no matter how upset they were
You taught me to type with your face in my hands
And how to endure a four-footed massage
You taught me to go with grace, wherever that might be
Even unto the other side
You taught me to love without fear, to love without condition, to love like there is no tomorrow
Because sometimes, there isn’t one
It’s tomorrow for me, my little devoted boy
And I hope I have the spirit to carry you with me, bright white and open
Soft and tender
Until I meet you once more

One thought on “Poets write Requiems, too

  1. ayla anderson says:

    Incredibly touching as tears run down my face. Thank you.

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