Like to Like – G. J. Whyte-Melville

Ahhhh… found it.

Like to Like
G.J. Whyte-Melville (Thank you, Katrina!)

I pass’d without the city gate,
I linger’d by the way;
The palm was bending to her mate,
And thus I heard her say,

“The arrow to the quiver,
And the wild bird to the tree;
The stream to meet the river,
And the river to the sea.
The waves are wedded on the beach,
The shadows on the lea;
And like to like, and each to each,
And I to thee.

“The cedar on the mountain,
And the bramble in the brake;
The willow by the fountain,
And the lily on the lake;
The serpent coiling in its lair,
The eagle soaring free,
Draw kin to kin, and pair to pair,
And I to thee.

“For everything created
In the bounds of earth and sky,
Hath such longing to be mated,
It must couple, or must die.
The wind of heaven beguiles the leaf,
The rose invites the bee;
The sickle hugs the barley-sheaf,
And I love thee.
By night and day, in joy and grief,
Do thou love me?

“The palm was bending to her mate,
I marked her meaning well;
And pass’d within the city gate,
The fond old tale to tell.

(Google Books Rocks!)

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