The Language of Something…

Specious arguments for God abound. I was just given “The Language of God” to read and I find it tiresome in its arguments. “Because I desire God, and I have been given the ability to desire for things which exist, therefore God exists.” Okay, that’s not the WHOLE argument the author gives, but it’s only in the second chapter. I couldn’t finish it. I don’t mind the idea of faith being the reason for belief in God – just don’t try to sell me the fact that it’s science. Of course, science is everything.

No, I know it’s not. Believe me, there are more things on this earth, and beyond, that we might never know. If we do, it will take billions of years and technology and intelligence, none of which are in abundance on this planet. Hell, we can’t even get past the idea that the burning of fossil fuels MIGHT be endangering the life forms on the planet, the water and weather systems of the world, and oh yea, our own existence and way of life. How can we not be making an impact? Yes, the Earth is a living organism that is self-healing… over the course of millennium. Do we call what we don’t know “magic?” Perhaps. Can we ever know the truth about what happens after death? Perhaps.

I, like many people, do not believe in the “God” of Abraham: that large bearded man with a scepter in one hand and an angry finger pointing down on the multitudes saying “YOU HAVE SINNED!” I am, for all intents and purposes, a Taoist. The Tao exists and it cannot be named. If you will, the ineffable name is the Tao. How do I know? Well, I have my own personal ways of knowing. I was raised a Methodist and from the time of childhood, I did ask the annoying questions in Sunday School. In my teenage years, I dabbled at becoming a Baptist and even went so far as to attend a lot of “camps” with my friend. It never really fit – I always felt like I was playing a game and that these people probably were, too. I’ve developed my own philosophy, thank you very much, and I’m quite happy with its evolution.

Richard Dawkins, I’m sorry. God is not a delusion. Perhaps that Abrahamic God is; corrupted as He has been over the centuries, it’s hard for him NOT to become a shadow of His TRUE nature. But Dawkins, there’s more to this than meets the microscope. Magic, mystery, myth, delusion (which is simply a fixed false BELIEF), I can’t tell you why there is, but there is. In one thing Francis Collins and C.S. Lewis are right – there is a Moral Law that seems to pervade our lives. We all know it – we know what is right and wrong. Are there exceptions? Of course there is! There are deviations in nature and we ARE nature. Do I believe it’s the only law? No, of course not. There are all sorts of laws that govern the universe and some are found in math and in physics, as well as in ethics, psychology, and biology. It’s the way of the universe. Perhaps the finer points are debatable amongst cultures; the fact remains that there is a “knowing,” a “feeling” most of us have when we do something that goes against Human Nature.

I think the person that comes closest to all of this is Eckart Tolle. A few months ago, I would have said it was a load of horse hockey. Of course, that was before I read “A New Earth.” I think, even though he quotes the standard religious texts, that he is clearly a person who sees the evolved theological path. He is able to articulate it in such a way as to make it accessible to a lot of people. He’s reformed the Taoists, Christianity, and such to show the true meanings of what these spiritual teachers were saying. We can’t discount this – as people are scientists of biology, chemistry, and astronomy, why too can’t there be the people who ARE the great thinkers regarding the as-yet non-physical world? Don’t worry – he’s not my new guru. My only intention is to share.

No, I shun gurus. Simultaneously, I shun people who tell me how the world must be. I cast off specious arguments both for and against a “GOD” that passes judgement. I do not adhere to the idea that God is actively involved in making a judgement about my life. Do I believe that “God” is active in my life? Absolutely – because God IS my life, it IS me, it is in me and around me – at all times. I think that the Kingdom of God, as Jesus said to Thomas “is in me and surrounds me. Turn a stone and you will find Me, cut a tree and I am there.” So many more examples. But, I guess, I digress.

I think the best place to know and find God is right there, in you, reading this. If you still your mind, quite your arguments, take a deep breath and focus on how it feels, you find God. It connects you, in your being, to everything around you – because it IS you. You are the table, the chair, the computer. You are, in the minutest sense, the same. God is as you are. As above, so below and as below, so Above. We create. We destroy. Is it not the same?

Let me leave you with some Eckart: ” When you become aware of silence, immediately there is that state of inner still alertness. You are present. You have stepped out of thousands of years of collective human conditioning.”


“All things in the world are ultimately part of this single Tao; all contradictions and opposites are resolved in the Tao. The Tao, then, is the sum total of everything yet is still only a single thing… For the Taoists, anything viewed apart from this unitary principle, that is, anything viewed as having reality in and of itself apart from its place in the entirety of the universe, is fundamentally an illusion. Nothing has any meaning, value, or reality apart from its relation to the Tao. This Tao is unknowable and unspeakable; all human knowledge is knowledge of individual things and their relations, so no human knowledge can encompass the whole of everything as as single thing.” (Washington State University – World Cultures Intenet Classroom)

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