It’s a love hate thing…

I love and hate this time of year. I hate it with a deep rooted passion that actually drives me to depression. I love it for the true spirit and meaning that lies underneath. I don’t mean all the Christmas crap. Let’s face it, it’s tired, it’s old, it’s commercial, and it’s about as real as Barbie’s body measurements.

I’m talking about winter. I’m talking about Mithras and Saturnalia. I’m talking about Yule and the spirits of the snow-covered forests. I’m talking about the smell of cold and fir trees and warm smoke-tinged winds. I’m talking about rainy San Francisco days and nights that are spent with a curled-up cat and a mug of real chocolate and a fire, and some classical music in the background.

I never go to malls the entire month of December – not of I can help it. I never shop and in fact, at the first sign of the Christmas (you know, back in AUGUST for crissakes!) I start to feel a little queasy about the whole shopping thing. I hate the drivers and the audacious way people treat you when you get in their way. No no, don’t worry – I didn’t mean to stand where you were walking. I never, ever sing christmas carols and woe be to the person who wants to put on a little christmas music in my presence. I hate it – I hate all of it and what it makes us become: greedy, capitalistic snobs who really are looking out for themsevles rather than anything REALLY having to do with Winter.

So, I’ve banned Christmas. I am celebrating Yule and I am determined to do so from now on. Damn the boxes and the lights and those stupid chia pet commercials. Not listening to the sales on razors or what diamonds my mother would love to have. My father does not need an entire new garage tool set to know I love him dearly. NO! Just say no, I impore you. Celebrate winter – celebrate Yule and the darkness turning into light. Celebrate with family and friends and do things for each other and for people you don’t know. Don’t do it to make yourself feel good. Do it because it will help someone else. Don’t lie. Don’t be nasty. Don’t be greedy. And for the love of any sort of god at all, don’t cut me off at the light because I am in the lane you want to be in.

Happy Mithras-time!

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