A writing moment… Series?

So as to not piss away ALL the precious time I’ve been given, I decided to do some writing today. Beneath a very cold air vent, in the midst of jazz and Frank, sipping lattes, I actually pound out some paragraphs that might actually mean something. I’ve thought of publishing the serial here… would you like to hear it? How about I start with this…

* * * * * * *

“We are all varsity liars,” she said. Cigarette smoke drifted in mighty clouds around the bar room. Drag. Puff.


“Oh, yes,” she drawled, cutting long and hard into the deep pause.

He laughed. “What makes you think so?”

She paused for more dramatic effect. “Because even we believe it.”

“You believe it,” he whispered, “I choose not to.”

“Then you,” she said, “are a fool. The only way out is to go all the way through.”

Whisper. Crack. Drag. Puff.

“Really?” He said it once more, for theatrical restatement.

The crystal orb in her other hand glinted in the arctic lighting of the austere lounge. He wondered why it looked so clear and new, not even a chip.

His hand clasped empty air above the orb. Crystal crash against the dusty floor boards.

Oh, how the world changed.

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