And sleep will help you recover quite a bit. I realized just how many times I’ve written here “I’m tired” or “it’s tiring” – time to just figure it out. Time to just get it done. Maybe this is why I feel like I’m waking up. From a long time of tiredness. Of apathy? No, not that. I think it’s from caring too much about the things that don’t make me happy. Those are the things that don’t make me whole. I’m tired of fighting… what?

I sat here for a long time, cursor in hand, waiting for the answer. I just don’t get it. I’m not sure sure. What’s so wrong with the real me? What IS success? In this world or any other… I don’t know. What is it that I need? What is inside of me that defines me? Is this really an eternal quest? Or is it a quest of a lifetime to be disseminated? Is it just the question of a lifetime?

So many questions. So many answers. I read. I write. I will find my own way. I must. Or live in this sleep for the rest of my time here.
That I will.

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