Sleeping TDD?

Wake up! Yes, it does appear that I’m sleeping. It’s because I’ve been too busy not sleeping to post. There is much to tell… but I can’t tell – not yet. What shall we rant about today, then?

Let’s talk about the sorry state of my web site? No, let’s not. Let’s talk about CoMasonry? No, let’s not. I am in the thick of starting a new lodge in San Francisco and it’s a lot of WORK! if you’re interested. Then come back and ask me questions.

Let’s talk about Bush? Ugh, no. Just can’t take it any more. I want to sleep until his term is up. I talked with someone yesterday who STILL BELIEVES HIM! I can’t believe it. I just can’t.

Shall we discuss moral topics? Or simply intellectual ones? Shall I just fill up web bandwith with a silly post, pondering what to post?

I’ll have more to tell in March. I promise. Then, the cat can be let out of the bag. Come back… then…:-)


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