Word Up

Interesting book discussion on KFOG this morning – “Blinded by the Lyrics” – hilarious and informative. I loved listening to the music and analyzing. Very cool. Words have been on my mind, lately. I have nine artists that have my story now, two more waiting to get it. It will be interesting to see what people come back with – if they are interested. One, the first one to answer, seems very promising. Of the nine, there’s only one that doesn’t “feel” right. C’est la vie!

What am I doing? The graphic novels of Sarah. I have been writing them for eight years – 17 different serials, and I’ve been wanting to put them into graphic format. I believe that selling them won’t be a problem – the problem was and is finding an artist. Sarah is, perhaps, my alter ego – she’s some things I’m not – some things I am. Maybe she’s my super-hero other life. Maybe she’s simply my dream of being; however, tall and auburn haired is probably not something I can easily change into. It’s not an overcoat.

Sarah started off as a writing exercise – something to learn to do stream of consciousness writing. She’s not for everyone – that’s for sure. She’s graphic and refined – something very different and yet together. She’s gone through her para-legal business, been bombed in Amsterdam at a nightclub, and finally ended up falling for someone and opening a voyeuristic nightclub in Santa Barbara. She’s still going. She’s seen men, women, men and women, men and men, women and women, orgies, Big Sur, pool cues, Christmas Parties, binoculars, car sex, and just about everything else. There’s still a lot to explore. I had no idea her life would take its own path but I should have guessed – it IS stream of consciousness writing after all…

When they get published, we’ll have a party at Sarah’s place… 🙂


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