It’s been a long month

I recently sketched out all that I have coming up for the month and I have…dismay. How can I have this much to do? How can I possibly visit everyone I need to visit and completely get done all those other things I need to get done? I need more time!!

Don’t we all? I’ve been working on posting some writing here again. I’ve decided against ranting the vote until the beginning of 2007. Doing that will bring much more focus to getting the ugliness immediately out of our government. So stay tuned for other blogs on that.

Writing? What do I write? Dark things. If you came here from my website, you know what I write. It isn’t always pretty. I am working on several things right now – an erotic graphic serial (for anyone who knows Sarah…it’s about her… 🙂 and still the script. STILL the script. I’ve only got 12 minutes of movie done. Only another 1 hour and 48 + minutes to go. *sigh* I know that once I get started, it will be easy?

If you’re interested in reading it once it’s done, let me know. I need all the criticism, er, help I can get!

Off to work now. Enjoy the day and the long weekend.

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